What I can do

Discord Bot Development

I am a self taught bot developer. I have been working on bots for 4 years and have slowly increased my skills over time by working on many different bots with different purposes and functions. I have many ongoing projects on Discord and enjoy developing bots for all different types of communities.

Minecraft Server Development

I have worked for and ran several Minecraft servers in the past. This includes my current server, Tunes Craft. I am able to configure plugins via configuration files and have over 5 years experience working in Skript.  

Website Design

I have solid experience with designing websites, including this one. 

My Projects

Tunes Craft

Tunes Craft is a 1.19 Minecraft survival, PVP and claiming server. Players can craft custom items, fight bosses, create teams, raid bases and much more!

Super Tunes

A music bot that provides music in a voice channel for any occasion! There are over 5 bots you can invite to your server and use to listen to music with your friends!

Westside Bot

The Westside Bot is a utility bot for the Westside Discord server. Westside is a Roschool community with over 400 members.


RoyalMC is a 1.19.2 Minecraft: Java Edition Server with a medieval theme. RoyalMC currently have one game, a custom mode focused on resource collection and exploration. Our overall goal is to have a fun game for anyone to understand & enjoy while keeping it a safe environment.

LeagueFM Bot

The League FM Discord Bot allows users to listen to the online radio station, League FM.

Lee's Assistant

A discord bot for reaction roles and other needs for Lee's Lab! 

About me

Hi there! I'm Kaz, a self taught Discord and MC developer. I have over 4 years experience and spend a lot of my free time making bots or other things for different people and communities. I have also helped other people start developing bots also and have worked with these people to make some of my projects as well. Over the years, I have made over 60 different Discord applications for people. I have leveled up my skills with every bot I have made, using things I have already learned to improve and make even better bots. 

Contact Me

Interested in what I offer? Feel free to contact me so I can work with you!



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